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Monthly Archive: March 2018

Sex Door Neighbors

My husband and I live in a nice neighborhood where the neighbors will do anything for you when you are in need I mean if you really need or want something they are willing to give you a hand or give you their shirt from off of their back literally, lol. I have a sex door neighbor who is right across the street from me and I always catch him looking over my way.  His wife thinks that there is something going on between us but I do not know him but I think he wants to get to know me in more than one way. I have big oversized picture sized windows in my house and my husband and I don’t buy curtains or blinds in some of my windows in the living room or the hallways or the platform landing from the stairs all because it will take away from the beauty of the character of the house as it was not meant for windows to be covered up.

I have very large supple tits and a nice juicy ass and I like to come out of the bathroom still beading wet from the shower naked prancing in full view in the window so he can get a nice view of my curves in motion. I can see that he is out in the front yard pretending to do yard work but he is staring at me and being undercover just to keep his wife off of his back while she is at home to keep her from being suspicious.

I have a lot of privacy in my backyard since it is a nice sunny day outside I decided to lay on my hammock in my bikini and get some sun.  I feel a little bit frisky I take my top off and I begin to slide my thong bottoms to the side and play with my wet hot pussy as my neighbor sees all of this hot action he sneaks away from his yard and he comes around to my backyard and asks “Is there is something that I need help?” with as he nervously watching.  I said, “Yes, cum here.” I open up my legs and he goes down on my wet cunt and licks my dripping wet pussy clean. We walk over a few feet to the wooded area of my backyard. He bends me over a bush and pokes my tight raw pussy hard.


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Fun with Daddy A step daughters wet dream

I am the step daughter of an amazing man but growing up in the filth and perversion that I did before this amazing man came into our family I have always had the most dirty wet dreams about my Daddy. After you read  my side of the story I would love a call with you .. You can tell me about it from Daddies Point of View…

From the  the first Night he Picked  my Mom up for their first official Date I wanted that man.  ( I don’t count all those Blowies she gave him when he offered to take her drunk ass home from the Bar!) Keith was tall handsome built like the Brawny man. salt and pepper hair  not short but not long either, with his  scruffy 5 o’ clock shadow framing his beautiful  mouth. I really just wanted to lick those lips. Anyway  that’s a little to far back LOL and a tale  for another time. You Be astonished about how many times I have masturbated or had phone sex with his picture on my screen or the thoughts of him in my head. MMMMMM Yes  oh yes… I’d suck that man dry.

When I got here friday night  Mom was out with “Aunt Margret”  shes  not really my aunt shes  just my moms oldest and slutiest best friend. Keith ( my step dad) was on the back deck with his Jack and coke.. I could hear the ice clinking  and I paused for a minute to close my eyes and see those lips  caressing the glass as the sweet amber liquid washed over his tongue ,,, in my head I climb up in his lap and lick the sweet liquor from his  mouth…

” Hows Daddies girl doing?” His  voice snaps me back to reality  I wrap my arms around him and breath in his scent.* Note to self time to steal a new Daddy shirt the one from last visit has lost his scent.*

“Mmmmm Daddy you smell good!” I mumble into his chest as I push my tits into his belly.

” Where’s Mom?”

” With Magrie at Bingo.”

” She  been being good?”

” yes   but I think I fucked up turning a whore into a house wife … I miss the whore a little bit ” He laughs and his face lights up.

In  my head I am screaming oh Daddy I got your Whore  just lay back and let me suck you dry while you face fuck me..

” Oh Daddy  you ain’t looking for a girlfriend are ya?” I wink and Blow him a kiss…

OMG if he only could catch a hint,,,

” Naw Princess Shes the Queen of my Double Wide… Because I’d never find another Princess as special as you.”

And 10 minutes later I am in the shower with my rechargeable water proof sex toy  fucking the hell outta myself because I want to be Daddies little  whore…. That’s How  my holiday weekend started




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Sophia here

I love being a submissive.  I love to obey and do what my Master orders me to do.  I lower my body and get on my knees to serve. I will do anything to serve. My Master wants me to find ten men to serve. He wants me to please each and everyone of them. I have to listen to what they say and be the slut I am. I am here if you want to be one of the ten men call me. 3473957138 Check out my website Sophia Cum enjoy me for some hot,phone sex.

Spring Break and I need someone to play with.. YOU won’t believe who I ended up with..

I came home for spring break  only to realize  my Daddy was out of town for the week and the only one home was my  slutty new step mom. I have never  understood  what My Daddy say in that little tramp. She isn’t as sexy as he acts she is. She’s a little thick and has a round ass and tits.. but she’s only like four years older than me. I guess My Daddy just likes  that she will suck his dick anytime anywhere. I mean they got married in a vegas chapel and she literally sealed the deal with a blowie right in the chapel .. what a submissive little slut.

Anyway I  come home to chill by the pool and enjoy my Daddies big house and all the luxuries that I grew up with. I mean Daddy set me up great but still its  not like being in our home. Thanks to the weather not cooperating I didn’t lay out by the pool and  catch some rays yesterday.

My  slutty step mom came in to hang out with me. I was kinda rude I guess but really she sucks my dad why do I want to be her friend. We decided to watch a movie and were laying on opposite ends of the couch  and she started rubbing my feet. There was a girl on girl soft porn scene on the movie and I felt her hand  sliding up my calf  and then next thing I knew her hand was in my panties,,, I wasn’t sure what to do but since no one was here I just went with it. I heard her mumble MMMMM your so wet. and she continued to toy with my pussy  for another 10 minutes.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer an I pushed her back and pulled my panties to the side and  sat my wet pussy right on my slutty step mothers face. I fucked her face till I came all over it  and she had drank in all my sweet nectar. When I finished cumming I got up and said  be a good girl and do this all week long and I won’t tell Daddy how you violated his little princess with your pussy eating Mouth.

So far shes waken me every morning with coffee  breakfast in bed and morning Head… Now that’s what I call a relaxing spring break

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Clothed Female Naked Male Fetish

Do you know what the “CFNM” Fetish is? Well, it is the Clothed Female Naked Male Fetish and I want you to know how erotic this fetish really is especially if you are into dominant role-play scenarios. You will be my bitch as I will control you and you will submit to me in all of your vulnerability in your nakedness and maybe your small pecker cock. I know that you wanted me to say that to you.

Maybe a nice gathering with my girlfriends at a social party in a hotel or in the VIP room of the bar upstairs in the club watching you and have you grind up on us with your cock in our faces getting us all turned on. We can each all take turns putting our cleavage around your pole and deepthroating you all the way down to your balls or maybe lining up with our strapons making you suck our cocks so we can peg you up the ass so you can’t take it anymore. You would find that the Clothed Female Naked Male Phone Sex with me quite gratifying and pleasurable for you.

Would you like the public fuck scene where we can humiliate you and make you our little sissy bitch mother fucker to satisfy our needs to our desire and anyone else who wants to join in and use you for their own little sick needs?  I am sure that you would and you will love to be made the center of attention and to be made out to be the little skank whore that you like to be just how you were taught to be by your mistress to be made to serve your mistress and her friends in training. Now shut up and don’t speak until I ask you too!


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