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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Well thought out Roleplay Fantasies turn me on

Do you get turned by  role play Fantasies? Does it make you want to masturbate?

   Me too I am a total role play whore. I mean I get so into a roleplay when the guy totally plays into what really turns us both on and gets into the details of the fun nasty fantasies in our dirty mind. That’s why I totally love the whole phone sex gig.

It turns me on that the guy on the other end is mutually masturbating with me. I really love mutal masterbation. I mean I am not into all the weird slurpy sounds or the fake sex simulations. I like the heavy breathing. The low moans between the details of how I am the slutty girl who wants the married guy up the block whose wife just went to her sisters for the week. Or the young baby sitter who takes a chance and reaches over and touches your leg when your driving her home.

OMG there are so many fun things we could do during a fantasy call. That is the best part of phone sex.We are only limited by our imaginations. So what do you Say? How about you cum mutually masturbate with me.

Your Favorite Phone Fuck Fantasy Girl




I am putting you on blast you Panty thief

He likes to sniff my panties he’s a panty thief and I actually caught hi

m this time.

I am putting my big  brothers Best friend on blast for  Steals my Panties. That’s right I am going to put it out there you bitch boy and everyones gonna know your a panty thief.  I had  not really noticed  that my panties had been going missing. I mean I have over 50 pair I am for real a pantie lovers wet dream.

But the other night right after dance class I came home and was fixing to hope in the shower and Tony was leering at me and I said ” What you big dumb JOCK? Is your jock strap too tight” He was like nothing you little twat go take a shower your sweaty and gross. Of course I come back with whatever you big baboon and threw  my sweaty sneakers at him.Well anyways I took my shower and got out and went to my room.Well I had forgotten my lotion so I went back to grab it and the door was ajar and I went to open it when I saw Tony the big strong jock standing there sniffing my dirty sweaty Panties then put them in his pants  like he wrapped them around his man junk for real OMG.

I startled him and he jumped back I laughed and he told me to be quiet. I told him I was gonna tell everyone. He begged and pleaded you will never believe what he agreed to so I wouldn’t tell.

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Relinquish Control

Before becoming a Dominatrix, I always pictured men who gave up control as being sissies and feminine. And a good portion of them are. But based on my experience in this work, I’d go so far as to say that most of my clients are your stereotypical alpha males.

You know the type: brooding, muscular, chiseled face. The type of men who go into law enforcement and attract badge bunnies who want to be dominated.

Little do those bunnies know, however, that their men are the ones who want to be dominated. And that’s where I come in.

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Every Alpha male has a beta side, and I’m just the one to bring it out in you. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time for you to relinquish control?

Call me. Now.

Mistress Ambrosia

Hey Guys Kinky Kim here…

 Kinky Kim for CheapTrash Cheap Phone Sex

Just  wanted to say Hey GUYS!!!

I am the most fun on the phone  but I also love sexting…

Roleplay: young slut, dirty little sister,naughty little neighbor, bossy bratty Daddy’s Girl

Taboos I love: Age Play ,Babysitter,BDSM ( giving and taking)

My Most nastiest Taboo : Beastality and incest

I offer lots of cool options  for calling me… Talk text and messages… take your pick

I utilize all the bells and whistles on TTM ..I love to play trivia for prizes…

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so in box  or text with me from my page on TTM

Kinky Kim..


YOur Cheap Trasy Phone Girl

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Looking For Some Spanking Phone Sex?

Are you into spanking? I can promise you, no one gives a harder bare bottom spanking than I do! In the mood for a paddle or a wooden spoon soaked in water, or have you been really bad and I have to get the belt out? Many men crave a blistering spanking and I am just the one to dole it out to you, seems someone needs some discipline here…Spanking phone sex satisfies the need to be punished by many men.

I can bend you over the bed, or over my knee, which would you prefer? It’s a rare caller that seeks to spank me I have found, but I am a switch, so I can indeed submit to your hand, Master, if that’s what you require of me. But make no mistake, I do enjoy being the one to make you too sore to sit down for three days. I can be your cruel Mistress, or your obedient whore, depending on your mood, but rest assured, one of us will have a red bottom by the end of our spanking phone sex call! Some callers seek different types of spankings depending on what mood they are in, different levels of intensity for the right situation. One caller likes four different levels. The “soft level”, “second level”, “third level” and the worst, most harsh ones, the dreaded “super spanks”.

The air will crack with flesh against flesh as I smack your ass until you literally beg for mercy. Think you’re up for one of Jane’s “super spanks”? I dunno, might be too much for you! We shall just have to see if spanking phone sex is the ticket for you, won’t we now?! Ready gentleman? I’m waiting, soaked wooden spoon in hand.

1-866-667-7769 Ask for Jane, your personal spanking phone sex provider, when you call.

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