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Smart Sexy and The Teachers Pet

  That’s right I am now and always  have been

The Teacher’s Pet

It  started as far back as I can remember I always had a crush on all My Teachers. Both male and female. I can tell you details of my first crush on a woman teacher … she paddled my round little ass every school day that year. OMG I’d be so wet and juicy from those spankings. I always had to go in the restroom and touch my pussy.

Today I am the coed in the third  row center of the auditorium no panties , no bra meeting your gaze with a sly smile. I get good grades  so your quizzical as to why I’d need to flirt so with a much older man. Always licking my lips … I am really doing that to see if I can make your cock twitch. Yes evil I know.

All the news reports  from My Day would read Hot school girl taken into custody for flashing her Shop teacher. Yep I did  that. I also squeezed his ass in the hallway. I am a girl who goes after what she wants..

And right now I am wanting some kinky fantasy calls.. Here are afew of my favorite phone sex topics.

age play to extreme ageplay

teacher student

teen slut

daddy /daughter

or pick your own..

So Call me and lets get out kink on~




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