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Blogging Tips

Want to create clickable links to your sites? Use the handy link code generator below for text or picture links.

Easy Hyper Links

Looking to share your post on your social media accounts? Use the social media link generator below.

Share Link Generator

Looking to easily edit your pics for your listings or make banners? Try these free and easy sites, and no watermark to mar your banners or pics.

Pic Monkey

GIF Maker

Luna Pic

Ez Gif

Check your spelling to make sure your blogs are their best in this helpful spellchecker below.

If you desire to have a log in created for you, please email me at I will need your desired username that your posts will appear under, I can create a random password for you, or you can send me one you’d like that’s easy for you to remember. If you wish to blog for more than one persona or site you are at, I can create multiple log ins under the names of your desired personas. Please note each log in needs a separate email address as well.

If you’ve had blogging experience before, I’m sure you know the importance of tagging each post with keywords and choosing the appropriate category, when you upload a pic to your post, there’s also space in that area to add tags as well, all these adding of tags help with Search Engine Optimization so search engines like Google will pick up the tags and make the site more visible. Of course you don’t need to do these things, but it will help yourself more if you do so.

You will look better if you run your posts through a spell check first, mistakes look unprofessional. Paragraph breaks are your friend. A solid block of text looks terrible as well as being incorrect. No one is expecting university level writing here, but try and have it look good so customers, or potential customers can be impressed by you. While the length of your posts are up to you, aim for a 300 word minimum to best aid in Search Engine Optimization. That would be three decent sized paragraphs, longer is fine if you wish of course, but that should be the minimum to aim for, but ultimately it’s up to you, something is better than nothing.

It would be ideal if at the end of each post you had a clickable link to your site or listing page so the potential client can easily get to where to reach you, and any phone number or ext. number of your listing, or call button.

Many here that blog regularly know all these things, but some may not have done it before, hence why these basic pointers are offered.

If you want an additional category created for you, let me know, author log ins for some reason do not allow category creation, I added as many as I could think of, but if you want something not listed, just let me know.


When I added a plug in, it was all of a sudden giving you the options of two different ways to log in, and serving up old passwords you had on a account.

Log in with THIS screen when given the option,


NOT this option,


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