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I absolutely Love Girl Girl Guy threesome and sexy encounters

 This wasn’t my first and it wont be my last threesome

I would  love to say it just happened organically but  nope my Best guy friend and I set out to tag team a hottie. I was in the mood for a  sexy encounter  of the Lesbian kind. I was totally the master mind the outing with my Bestie Jerry we did this all the time  but it was usually me , him and some willing dude. Let’s  face it  Look at me would you really care if another guy was in the room if the prize was ME?

We went to this little dive bar we know and started the night with a few drinks and dancing. Really working the crowd. We me and my JerBear as I lovingly call him start dancing together  we are like  sex standing up. We jokingly  have talked about becoming a stripping team and moving to California.  WE have been best friends and Partners in Crime  since we were wee tots. WE tried to date once in Jr High and it was like worse than the time I kissed  my brother. I could do my brother  before I could Do Jerry.

Until  that night our  first threesome  with Jerry’s friend David. But that’s a tail for another time  and probably best delivered one on one ( call and ask  about my first MMF threesome) Anyways  after  that Jerry and I decided  to be eachothers wing person and Plus one at the sexcapades that was our lives.

Anyway Back to the other night with Rachel. We were dancing our usual seductive  soft porn floor  routine. Then the song  changed  and the floor was flooded; I scooped  out the crowd and saw her dancing by herself  just  on the edge of the dance floor. I danced us over near  her and we started grinding on each side of her.  It was sexual and primal  as the music flowed  thru us in unison.

When  the music  stopped we asked  her to sit with us in our booth. Putting her on the inside between us in the big u shaped booth. We ordered  drinks , danced , flirted and  just got to know each other all of us  vibing on the same sexual electricity. Till the lights came home and someone Yelled ”  You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

As  we all headed out Jerry asked loudly if I was going to cook when we got back to the apartment. Buzzed flirty steamy little Rachel says  “OHHHHH I could eat.”  Jerry Grined and said ” I bet you can.” as I turned to invite her and tell her we already had an uber on the way. She giggled  as Jerry explained I was a culinary student and the best roommate ever because my cooking was almost better than sex.

” Almost huh? Well let us  fuck you and feed you and you decide… ”

Rachel Said ” why not its  better than going home and masturbating during phone sex with my lame boyfriend.”

The rest,,, well Its  just to nasty for a public  forum…

Call me  and I will tell you the rest of my naughty tale of threesome sex and good eating…


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