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Shower and Bath

I am putting you on blast you Panty thief

He likes to sniff my panties he’s a panty thief and I actually caught hi

m this time.

I am putting my big  brothers Best friend on blast for  Steals my Panties. That’s right I am going to put it out there you bitch boy and everyones gonna know your a panty thief.  I had  not really noticed  that my panties had been going missing. I mean I have over 50 pair I am for real a pantie lovers wet dream.

But the other night right after dance class I came home and was fixing to hope in the shower and Tony was leering at me and I said ” What you big dumb JOCK? Is your jock strap too tight” He was like nothing you little twat go take a shower your sweaty and gross. Of course I come back with whatever you big baboon and threw  my sweaty sneakers at him.Well anyways I took my shower and got out and went to my room.Well I had forgotten my lotion so I went back to grab it and the door was ajar and I went to open it when I saw Tony the big strong jock standing there sniffing my dirty sweaty Panties then put them in his pants  like he wrapped them around his man junk for real OMG.

I startled him and he jumped back I laughed and he told me to be quiet. I told him I was gonna tell everyone. He begged and pleaded you will never believe what he agreed to so I wouldn’t tell.

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