Sensual Conversations

Sensual Phone Sex with Cougar Kate


For US Residents and Cardholders – The rates for calls are $2 USD per minute. There is a $1 connection fee for EACH transaction. This has been the industry standard for over 20 years and we feel a very reasonable price, so there will be no discounts.

The name on your credit card statement will be for “CC Services”.

For Canadians – 

Canadians may pre pay for time via INTERAC and the dollar will be accepted at par.

Please have your credit card ready BEFORE you call. The faster we get you processed, the faster the naughty part of your call begins.

There are NO “Free Samples”, which many wankers call and ask for. Callers on the verge of cumming before your card is processed, your number will be blocked. Time wasters will be blocked.

Fraudulent callers and callers that do chargebacks will be permanently blocked from this service, and their info passed around to other companies so they too will block you from their services.

We do NOT accept PayPal, as it is against their terms of service.

Refunds will only be offered in the case of a billing error. Typos happen, mistakes are not always intentional.