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Seducing Your Pants Off

I hear it all the time.

“I’m not submissive.”

I get it. You’re a strong, dominant, alpha male who is used to calling the shots. Even Mistresses like myself can appreciate that in a man like you. But as you’re talking yourself up, I see your eyes studying my curves.

You men are so easy.

Most of my repeat customers are alpha males, too. They just can’t resist a sensual woman like myself who teases and edges them, sometimes for hours. Think I’m wrong? Just read some of my reviews.

For example, here’s one from a so-called alpha male:

“I’m new to the site. Called maybe ten times already. Mistress Ambrosia knew exactly what I was looking for. No more looking. I think I found my Mistress.”

So if you look at me and think ‘I’m not into domination,’ I guarantee I can change your mind.

Call me and find out.

Smart Sexy and The Teachers Pet

  That’s right I am now and always  have been

The Teacher’s Pet

It  started as far back as I can remember I always had a crush on all My Teachers. Both male and female. I can tell you details of my first crush on a woman teacher … she paddled my round little ass every school day that year. OMG I’d be so wet and juicy from those spankings. I always had to go in the restroom and touch my pussy.

Today I am the coed in the third  row center of the auditorium no panties , no bra meeting your gaze with a sly smile. I get good grades  so your quizzical as to why I’d need to flirt so with a much older man. Always licking my lips … I am really doing that to see if I can make your cock twitch. Yes evil I know.

All the news reports  from My Day would read Hot school girl taken into custody for flashing her Shop teacher. Yep I did  that. I also squeezed his ass in the hallway. I am a girl who goes after what she wants..

And right now I am wanting some kinky fantasy calls.. Here are afew of my favorite phone sex topics.

age play to extreme ageplay

teacher student

teen slut

daddy /daughter

or pick your own..

So Call me and lets get out kink on~




I absolutely Love Girl Girl Guy threesome and sexy encounters

 This wasn’t my first and it wont be my last threesome

I would  love to say it just happened organically but  nope my Best guy friend and I set out to tag team a hottie. I was in the mood for a  sexy encounter  of the Lesbian kind. I was totally the master mind the outing with my Bestie Jerry we did this all the time  but it was usually me , him and some willing dude. Let’s  face it  Look at me would you really care if another guy was in the room if the prize was ME?

We went to this little dive bar we know and started the night with a few drinks and dancing. Really working the crowd. We me and my JerBear as I lovingly call him start dancing together  we are like  sex standing up. We jokingly  have talked about becoming a stripping team and moving to California.  WE have been best friends and Partners in Crime  since we were wee tots. WE tried to date once in Jr High and it was like worse than the time I kissed  my brother. I could do my brother  before I could Do Jerry.

Until  that night our  first threesome  with Jerry’s friend David. But that’s a tail for another time  and probably best delivered one on one ( call and ask  about my first MMF threesome) Anyways  after  that Jerry and I decided  to be eachothers wing person and Plus one at the sexcapades that was our lives.

Anyway Back to the other night with Rachel. We were dancing our usual seductive  soft porn floor  routine. Then the song  changed  and the floor was flooded; I scooped  out the crowd and saw her dancing by herself  just  on the edge of the dance floor. I danced us over near  her and we started grinding on each side of her.  It was sexual and primal  as the music flowed  thru us in unison.

When  the music  stopped we asked  her to sit with us in our booth. Putting her on the inside between us in the big u shaped booth. We ordered  drinks , danced , flirted and  just got to know each other all of us  vibing on the same sexual electricity. Till the lights came home and someone Yelled ”  You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

As  we all headed out Jerry asked loudly if I was going to cook when we got back to the apartment. Buzzed flirty steamy little Rachel says  “OHHHHH I could eat.”  Jerry Grined and said ” I bet you can.” as I turned to invite her and tell her we already had an uber on the way. She giggled  as Jerry explained I was a culinary student and the best roommate ever because my cooking was almost better than sex.

” Almost huh? Well let us  fuck you and feed you and you decide… ”

Rachel Said ” why not its  better than going home and masturbating during phone sex with my lame boyfriend.”

The rest,,, well Its  just to nasty for a public  forum…

Call me  and I will tell you the rest of my naughty tale of threesome sex and good eating…


Call ME Cee Cee

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She’s Ass-king for it! ~ Adventures in Marriage, Part One



Excerpt from Dina’s Fuck Journal:


I’d decided to introduce Mark to my high-school cheer uniform and, I  must admit, even though I workout regularly and watch what I eat, I was nonetheless amazed that I could still squeeze into it after all these years! Sure, the hem barely concealed my ass, but at 29 years old, I still look smokin’ in it!


Slipping into the short, pleated white, blue and gray outfit, I paired it with white knee-high socks, clean white sneakers, and bound my strawberry blond hair into the obligatory pigtails. Beneath the skirt, I hid a surprise for my husband–a pair of sweet white lace boyshort panties which came high enough in back to expose the round bottoms of my tanned, toned ass cheeks.


Quietly, I sneaked downstairs to find Mark lounging on the couch in jeans and an open plaid shirt. My carpenter works hard and it definitely showed on his toned chest and deliciously flat abs. I couldn’t wait to play!


Addressing him as though he were a neighbor, and in my sweetest teen girl voice, I caught his attention by saying “Hey…Mr. Jones?”. Glancing up at me, his brief look of confusion changed quickly to one of shock and delight!


I shyly approached, coming to stand before him, between his spread knees. Not taking his eyes off my legs, where his gaze was fixed on a location just below the hem of my skirt, he clicked the TV remote to “off”. I saw his mood shift from relaxed to predatory. Perfect.


I pouted, telling him “I got kicked off the squad today… Captain told me my ass got too big over summer break. She said I couldn’t be in A squad anymore. She told me that my ass was good for nothin’ if it’s this big… You don’t think my ass is good for nothin’, do you, Mr. Jones?”. I turned to give him a view of just how scantily covered my rounded ass was in the tiny skirt. It was true after all, even if I had stayed in excellent shape all these years, that my ass was bigger than it had been in high school… His fingers went immediately up the back of my skirt and brushed the lace beneath. My pussy throbbed at the contact.


Mark told me darkly “I can think of a few things that your ass is good for, baby…”.


“Really? Like what?” I asked over my shoulder, while I began to make my way back to the stairs. Mark rose from the couch, following, stalking me with a predatory gaze. I was careful to stay ahead of him, just out of reach as I made my way to the second floor…like a proper little prick-tease. A prick-tease who would soon get exactly what was coming to her.


When he caught up with me in the bedroom, he didn’t hesitate. He pressed himself against my back, wrapping his arms around me and sliding his hands down my body, fingers seeking the edge of that skirt. His cock was rock hard against my back, so I gasped playfully, asking “Mr. Jones! What are you doing! You shouldn’t touch me that way… Daddy will be so angry if he finds out”.


Mark’s lips curled into what I suspect was a wicked smile, against the top of my head “Are you going to tell him, little Dina?”


“Well…” I admitted, trying to sound convincingly uneasy. I struggled to keep the smile out of my voice.


He pulled me towards the dresser, opened the top drawer…and extracted a familiar bundle of nylon rope. I effected a nervous frown, asking him ” Wh-what’s that for?”


“To make sure you stay put while I show you what that juicy round ass is really good for.”


“But…what if I don’t want that?”


“It makes no difference. I mean, you can try to get away, of course–” he said “but I’ll catch you…and it will just make me want to fuck you harder”.


So, naturally…I tried. Ducking beneath his arm, I barely took one step before he locked an arm around me and easily wrestled me down onto the bed, face to the matress. He held me down with his knee while he guided my arms up over my head. He began wrapping the rope around my wrists. My breaths came faster. I was too turned on by this point to try making a break for it again. Those little white lace panties of mine, were soaked!


Once my hands were bound, Mark, remaining in character, asked me how old I was. Feeling scandalous, I told him “I’m 15”. He asked me if anyone had ever licked my pussy before. I told him “My boyfriend did once but we almost got caught and he had to stop…”


“Well, no one is going to find us here and I am certainly not going to stop” Mark replied. Then said “You’re going to get that pussy licked properly this time”. He reached beneath my pleated skirt and began to drag down the lacy white boyshorts, making a growl of approval as he did so. He slid them down my legs and off, tossing them to the floor. He pulled my legs open, none-too-gently, and settled between them. He pushed the skirt up over my ass, sliding his fingers between my ass cheeks as he did so. Pressing his face into my ass next, he began tonguing my tight little asshole…he paused just long enough to say “Oh, little Dina…I’ll bet no boy ever did this to you before. You must feel so dirty…and you should”. I squirmed, moaning. It felt fucking amazing! Then, before long, he moved down to make good on his earlier promise.


Working a finger into my tight little asshole, he sucked and nibbled my clit, making me whimper and cry out. His finger slowly moved more deeply into my ass while he ate me aggressively. On the verge of cumming, I ground my pussy back against his face. Abruptly, he stopped, earning my whine of protest. An evil chuckle was his only reply.


He rolled me over onto my side then. Readjusting the rope, he brought my wrists down in front of my chest, crisscrossing the dangling lengths of rope. He drew them up around my neck then down my back, crossing them again before binding my ankles. He left a generous amount of slack.


Part of the reasoning for that slack became clear when he pulled my wrists down so that my hands reached to between my thighs. He then handed me my hot pink, rabbit-style vibrator. Leaning close, he said softly against my ear “You’re going to fuck yourself with that, little girl”.


With a quiver in my voice, I asked “What are you going to do to me?”.


He undressed, making me wait for the answer. All the while he kept his eyes on me; the weight of their intensity making me ache. Finally, he wrapped a hand around his incredibly hard, nearly-eight-inch cock, and said “Baby, I’m going to fuck you with this. But, I’m going to put it deep inside that sweet round ass of yours. You’re going to go home tonight with my cum dripping out of your ass, down your pretty thighs, and you’ll still be feeling what I did to you, tomorrow morning when you walk to school”.


Damn, role-playing with Mark is hot!


I protested, telling him “It’s too big to put there and it’s wrong! Please, Mr. Jones! It won’t fit, it’ll hurt and I’m scared”.


“It doesn’t matter” a wicked grin curved his delicious lips. “You’re getting it up your tight ass, whether you want it or not…and I will make it fit”.


He pushed the vibrator between my legs and slid it straight into my very wet pussy. He expertly turned it on, setting it to my favorite setting. Then he wrapped my own fingers around the base. I had to concentrate hard on not cumming immediately.


He slid a blindfold over my eyes next–I hadn’t even seen him take that out–and I soon heard the wet sound of him applying lubricant to the length of his cock. I listened hard, the lack of seeing made me hyper aware and my anticipation built to a new intensity.


Then, I felt the head of his dick pressing firmly against my asshole. I couldn’t help it–I shivered, excited. He hesitated only seconds, waiting for the initial resistance of my body to recede…then he was pressing his hard length inside of me.


He began to move deeper inside, then out, then back in…I moaned like the wanton little whore that Mark always turned me into. The vibrator in my pussy…Mark, making me take it up the ass… It felt incredible!


I told him “Too big…it’s too big…”.


He leaned forward to whisper his smug reply–“I’m not even all the way inside of you yet”. I whimpered. He loved it, fucking me faster, going deeper with each thrust until he was indeed all the way inside me. So…deep…inside of me.

While Mark’s shaft moved in long strokes, inside my ass, and my vibrator relentlessly massaged my clit, I was soon taken over with a seemingly endless, intensely-consuming, orgasm. I screamed through it, knowing the neighbors would hear, but didn’t care. It was insane, rendering me utterly helpless! Mark let loose something like a war cry, cumming hard soon thereafter. I could tell that it was one of the best orgasms he’d ever had. As mine was for me.


We lay there for a time, catching our breath. Eventually, Mark pulled out of me, smoothed a lock of my hair and began removing the blindfold, rope and vibrator. He was no longer the lecherous, hot older neighbor. He was again my husband. He lovingly kissed my forehead and murmured against my skin “I’m going to go clean up, then pour you a nice hot bubble bath, love. Rest here until I come get you”. With a boyish smile he rose from the bed and left. I practically purred my delight, watching that man’s gorgeous ass while he walked away. I own that ass, I thought happily. And damn, if he don’t own mine right back!



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