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Against the Wall ~ A Cuckold/Office Fantasy


The heavy door clanged shut behind us. It’s reverberations echoed into the empty stairwell. Jimmy’s wedding band glinted under the flourescent lighting, from the hand which now gripped my wrist.


My married co-worker, and longtime crush, hurried me into a corner of the stairwell which was as private as was possible. Luckily, few people used the stairs but my heart beat faster at the possibility of being discovered. It could cost us our jobs, as well as his marriage.


I never imagined that my interest in Jimmy would inspire this passion.  I had never intended on acting upon my lusts… But, my closest office friend had let the info slip. The next thing I knew, Jimmy was pulling me from my desk, whispering filthy intentions in my ear. He’d dragged me to the stairwell and now had me pressed against the wall, my back to him. He held my wrists over my head and continued to talk dirty to me. His hot breath brushed my ear while he praised my tits, told me he needed to make my pussy wet, hear my cries… said he was desperate to have my ass! My knees became weak. I had never wanted to be “the other woman” but I found it impossible to say no, in the face of this intensity.


My next breath left me on a whimper. Jimmy responded to it by demanding, huskily, “Open your legs, Sylvia”. While I complied, I felt him yank my pencil skirt up to my waist, exposing the tops of my sheer stockings and pale blue lace panties. I whimpered again.


With one hand, he resumed trapping my wrists against the wall, over my head. His other hand went between my legs. He briefly massaged the wet lace, which had molded itself to my aching pussy. He groaned when he felt the heat and growing dampness. His lips found my neck as he pushed the lace to one side. He slid two fingers inside me. My head fell back and I moaned. His fingers worked their way in and out… In and out. A tiny voice at the back of my head whispered You need to stop this! He’s married! Someone could find the two of you at any moment… But I felt entirely too helpless to obey my better judgment. All I knew, was the heat. The wetness. The man who had complete control of me. The man who’s thick fingers were getting ever-slicker within me!


His lips and hot breath danced over my neck and shoulder. When he finally released my wrists, he brought his hand down to slip it under my blouse. I braced my hands against the wall. Jimmy pulled the cups of my bra beneath my breasts. He cupped one full, round tit in his hand before beginning to pinch and massage my nipple. When a particularly rough pinch made me gasp, Jimmy moaned deep and long.


Quite suddenly, he withdrew his hand from between my legs and I gasped again, at its abrupt absence. He withdrew his other hand from my breast, and I heard the rustle of fabric behind me. Then, the distinct sound of a zipper. The next thing I felt was his hard, smooth, larger-than-expected, cock. He pressed it firmly against the lace fabric which gathered now between my ass cheeks. “Keep your hands against the wall, Syl” he told me. I managed only a breathy reply of obedience.


His hands slid my panties down my thighs, my calves and finally he slipped one half of the delicate garment off my foot by lifting one kitten heel from the cement floor. He rose slowly and paused midway to press his face between my thighs. His fingers found my cunt again. He thrust them into me, hard! Meanwhile, his tongue found my tight asshole!


I’d never had my ass eaten before! It felt so naughty, so wrong, so delicious…the thought that anyone could happen upon us, while he did this to me, made me shiver. I melted against the wall, moaning Jimmy’s name. One of his fingers found my clit and worked it in little circles. My tiny, sensitive nipples, tightened. The silk fabric of my blouse making me entirely too aware of how hard they were. I shuddered.


His tongue slid deeper into my ass. Dear God! My orgasm quaked through me! My legs barely supported me through the resultant tremors.


Jimmy stood slowly behind me and pressed that large cock against me again. He pressed his body against mine, trapping me against the wall.


“You look amazing… Flushed, with that blond hair coming loose from its bun, skirt hiked up to your waist, legs spread and trembling… You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see you like this. How long I’ve wanted to have control over you, like this… I can’t wait to fuck you!” His last sentence came out in a hiss.


He grasped my hips, hard, and pulled me backward, stepping back with me. My heels scraped loudly against the cement floor. I kept my hands braced against the wall. He placed his palm between my shoulder blades and pressed me forward. My chest pushed against the wall and my back arched. I felt him position himself to enter me.


His fat erection slid into me. My body had to stretch to accommodate him, but my pussy was so slick, he entered me easily. Then he entered me deeply…


Jimmy allowed me a moment to adjust, then he dug his fingers into my skin, drew back his hips and slammed into me. He began fucking me, hard! The wet slapping of our bodies echoed through the stairwell and my helpless cries chased after them.


“Goddamn, Syl, you take it so good!” He said, panting over me.


I moaned in reply. I had never been fucked like this before. It was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. He was so deep. So rough. So forbidden. I came again.


The moment my head cleared, I realized; he was fucking me bareback! He seemed to come to the same conclusion at that moment. He drew out of me. Bending close to my ear he said “this is not how I intend to cum inside you”. At that moment I felt him press his slippery cock head against my ass. The only reply he allowed me, before he began to press into me, was my surprised gasp. On a shuddering exclamation, he was inside me. I felt completely dominated. Completely owned. He was making me take that large cock in my virgin ass… His cock was in my ass! We were in a public stairwell! Oh, dear God… And yet, I wanted it so badly!


He pushed deeper into me. Slowly, making me feel every inch. He penetrated me to the hilt. I could hardly believe I was letting someone do this to me! And someplace we could get caught, no less!


“That’s right, Sylvia… Take it. Take that whole cock up your ass, like a good little girl.” He felt so deep. So big. When he began to move inside me, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Deeper and deeper… Faster and faster! He fucked my ass like he owned it and, in this moment, he really did. “Sylvia, fuck you feel good! I am going to cum so hard into your ass. I’ve wanted to fill your ass ever since the first time I saw it in one of those snug little skirts you always wear.”


“Jimmy!” Was all I managed to get out as he began to pound me harder. Just as it was starting to get painful, he came! He stifled a yell with each of his final thrusts, while he emptied his load deep inside my ass.


We both held still for a time, catching our breath. Finally, he slowly pulled out of me. He knelt on the floor and helped me back into my panties. He smoothed my skirt back down over my hips and reached under my blouse to straighten my bra. My entire body trembled. The wall supported me while I gradually came back to myself.


Just as I was truly beginning to realize everything I had just done…with this married man…in the stairwell of the office building, in which we both worked…without a condom…he bent forward and kissed my cheek gently. The shock softened.


He informed me that there was a ladies restroom just outside the door, on the next level down. He told me he’d meet me back in the office and asked me to leave my hair down for him, for the remainder of the day. I breathlessly agreed, making him chuckle.


When his lips met mine, just before he walked away, I realized that I would let him do anything to me, anywhere, anytime in the future. Yes, that made me an idiot…in too many ways, but I’d never cum so good before! My eyes closed briefly while his steps moved away from me. I heard that heavy door open and clang shut again…


How was I ever going to hear that sound again, without blushing?



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